2012 Toyota Yaris

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These are pictures of the European model.

We usually don’t get features like GPS, or a cool glass roof in small cars in the US.
We can’t even get a Mazda2 with a regular sunroof over here…

The new Yaris does look pretty nice, but it’ll now face really tough competition in the US as well.

I would think, mainly from the all new Kia Rio.

We’ll see the US version really soon.

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  1. Can anyone tell me the reason that we can't / don't see more of these great glass expansive windshields and roofs that seem to abound in Europe?

  2. This new Yaris should have come out a few years ago. The Honda Fit (5-door only) out sells the Yaris (3 -door, 5-door, sedan) every year. This new Yaris still doesn't look anymore modern than the current Fit. Furthermore, the new Fiesta, Rio, Accent, and Toyota's very own Prius C will make this new Yaris obsolete.

  3. Huge improvement over the current Yaris. I'll give it a 7 out of 10. There is still some Toyota genericness that they need to work on.

  4. Lawngylanduh: I'd guess consumer preferences. When Americans can afford more than a basic small car they prefer a larger car, for Europeans they often prefer a better equipped small car.
    If you go to Europe you'll find lots of crowded narrow streets where a larger car would be less practical.

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