Nissan Cube Test Drive Coming up.

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I finally get to drive the Cube after over a year of requesting it.

I’ll answer any questions you might have.

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  1. I used to own one of these for a short while. Please let people know about the gobs of interior space, heavy wind noise, lazy CVT, noisy CVT, GREAT design (Yes, I said it), and amazing luggage space (5 bucks says you can fit in behind the rear seats, with them up, and still close the rear door Vince).

  2. Okay.

    Nissan Cube. Are people still buying these things? I never see them in my neck of the woods. I've probably seen more Jukes in my lifetime then I've seen Cubes. And speaking of Juke: assuming you've driven it, how does it compare to the Cube? What would be your preference?

  3. I read in some review that because of the very upright side windows, driving at night, there is a nasty glare on the inside front passenger window reflected from the headlights of the car behind you. Vince check this out to see if true. Thanks.

  4. The glare is there. Even during the day sometimes. It is strange at first, but I did get used to it.
    It is a weird car, very different.
    There are a few things you have to get used to…

  5. The CVT in this vehicle is god awful, it completely ruins the driving experience.

    Speaking of, Nissan tuned the Cube for too much comfort and not enough fun in my opinion. It is almost like driving a couch, it isn't sporty at all.

  6. Your videos always creep the hell outta me btw Vince. They're like some scary ass Jeepers Creepers shit.

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