Toyota Mark-X Zio see in Los Angeles

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A reader just sent me these pictures of the Toyota Crossover taken around Los Angeles.
This prototype was seen a few weeks ago testing in Death Valley.
Not sure why they are testing it over here.
The Marx-X Zio has been on sale in Japan since 2007. They were rumors at the time it could end up here as a Lexus.
Instead, we got the Venza, as a Toyota.

I also hear rumors that the one testing around here was a Hydrogen version. Not sure why…

Here is the one sold in Japan.
You can see how similar the cars are.

Again, not sure why Toyota would add this to their US line up. Which already has the Venza and Highlander.
Plus, it’s been out for about 4 years already.
Maybe a test mule for the next version???

What do you think?

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  1. Look at the D-pillar, it isn't the same. The window doesn't continue on like the production model, it is shortened at the back (looks more like a hatchback). There is some body-colored paint over the rear window and the wheelwells have an oddly large space between the body and the wheels. Bet this is a mule. The wheelbase looks about the same though.

    Anyway it looks like some strange mixture of an avalon and a mazda 3

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