The VW Beetle, 60 years later.

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60 years of evolution, and still a strong personality.
Well done.

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  1. The chrome running boards are a nice retro touch.. I thought I would hate this new evolution, but it's quickly growing on me!

  2. I love the old beetles. I love the new beetles too. But with the new one, there is some of the ridiculousness missing that made the original so cool. Under the similar shape, the new one is just a conventional FWD front-engine car. Perhaps making it rear engine again? Adding a little more 911-ness to it would be very cool! That would make a great platform for a next gen sports car (Carmen Ghia) or even a mini bus.

  3. They really need to make a "peoples" car like original Beetle for world market. An under 2k lb super econo hauler

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