What could have been: 1970/71 Ford Pinto

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This is what the Ford Pinto could have looked like.
More like a coupe, instead of the hatchback/fastback design it ended up with.

Or maybe they were thinking of offering 2 different versions, like with the Mustang.

This is what the production version ended up like.
Which, I think, was actually more modern and original than the coupe like design.

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  1. It looks far too large to be a Pinto, and the roof and fender lines make me think this is more likely an alternate taillight treatment for the Maverick (1969-77).

  2. This prototype is same size as the Pinto pictured below it.
    Compare the space from behind the rear wheel to the rear bumper.
    The front overhang, door and wheelbase also match the Pinto.

  3. So maybe this was an early mock-up for the Mustang II? The roofline looks much more like the fastback Mustang of '71 and '72 than what the II ended up with. Maybe this is what would have resulted if they hadn't decided to split the II into separate hardtop and liftback models.

  4. Wheelwells, door handle, gas cap, sidelamps all line up with the actual Pinto below. I'd say this is a real attempt at an alternate design. But they stole the taillights from a 69 Camaro.

  5. There's no doubt the bodywork lines up.. that is definitely a Pinto underneath! But it shows that Ford was thinking about a hardtop coupe version that could have become a mini Torino GT, if not the Mustang II.

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