2012 BMW 3 series

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Looking pretty nice.

And following the company’s “one design for all our sedans” strategy.

Looks like the interior gets an “all cream” option, instead of a black/cream combo most manufacturers are into these days.

Otherwise, I am sure there won’t be many surprises when the car comes out, which should be very soon….

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  1. How utterly disappointing…

    Nothing distinctive/exciting in the least, just another 'same sausage/different size' effort from BMW.

  2. It seems to have gotten a more tasteful application of the updated 1-series new front fascia. The rear-end is a bit difficult to make out, but the sloping roof into the tail lamps looks similar to the Opel Insignia's silhouette. Very good looking update, far better then the C-class and it might even be more attractive then the A4. As good looking as the Cadillac ATS may turn out to be, it echoes far too much from Mercedes and isn't as refined a design as what comes from Bavaria.

  3. 3/5 series and C/E classes are not exactly known to be unique and striking. this car looks like what a 2012 3 series should be, that's good enough

  4. If the new 3 series looks like a smaller version of the new 5 series, as the photos seem to indicate, it will be a huge improvement over the current 4 dr sedan which to my eyes never looked great.

  5. *Yawn*.. wake me when the 3-series GT, 4-series 4-door coupe, X4 SUV and the myriads of other variants finally arrive.. because you know they will!

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