2012 Chrysler Delta

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They have finally decided to produce a Chrysler version of the Lancia Delta.

We saw a “concept” of it almost 2 years ago.

But this is NOT for the US.

Instead, the Chrysler Delta is for the British and Irish market only. Where Lancias are not sold.

So this gives Chrysler something of a more European size to sell in these countries.

Not sure why we don’t get it. maybe they had to many reactions to the design when they showed it over here. Or it would have been too expensive.

Who knows….

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  1. > Not sure why we don't get it.

    For real? Go outside and take a look: Americans don't buy hatchbacks that aren't called Prius.

  2. Outside I see that Ford is currently selling about 50% of the Fiesta and Focus as hatchbacks. In the US.
    Lost of Mazda2s and 3s.
    I even see many Audi A7s around.

  3. "For real? Go outside and take a look: Americans don't buy hatchbacks that aren't called Prius."

    Or the Golf, or the Mazda 3, or the Fiesta, or the Focus or the Audi A3. They all sell well. This isn't 1990 anymore. Americans buy hatchbacks. Just not lousy hatchbacks.

  4. Amricans are getting smarter, they are starting to buy into hatchbacks, one hige hit of a hatcback has been huge here. It's called an SUV. Those may have opened the U.S. eye to hatches.

    But for the Ford Focus, they actually dtropped the hatch for a while altogher here in The US before its new generation. Like I said, I think the SUV opened some minds on the practicalities of the hatch back design. I've always loved Hatch back cars. Now I wish Honda would give us an Si Hatch here in the states. They did two Civic generations ago, but it was a horrible car.

  5. Horrible exterior. Obviously the rear side looks like previous murano which is by no means a compliment. The interior seems pretty good though

  6. Their whole lineup new reminds me of car in commercials where they try to put a generic car in place of a brand name car.

  7. I guess these are dramatic picture, which deform the original proportions. The car itself is beautiful when you see it on the streets – it turely is a modern Italian car.

    And before every single person here refers to the Murano: Lancia had this design first, then the Murano followed and you might just be used to the Murano interpretation of it…

  8. It doesn't look like those athletic hatches that are selling here now so much as something like a luxury Caliber. Maybe if there was a Integrale HF 4×4 version. Oh well, better luck next generation. Maybe we'll get the Ypsilon.

    @6-speed, I don't think the SUV rubbed off on hatch sales, but I'm pretty sure these crossovers that look like big hatchbacks certainly did! Too bad neither had any effect on wagons here.

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