2012 Honda CRV

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These are pictures of the actual production model.

I am still not sure why Honda chose to show a picture of some “Concept” version of a car that is coming out in just a few weeks.

I guess they have money to spare…

The headlights and bumper on the real car look just a bit different. Not too much.

For the 1st time we get to see the new interior, and unlike the 2012 Civic, it seems to be quite an improvement over the depressing one in the current version.

The interior was my least favorite part of the current CRV when I got to test drive one for a few days last year.

This seems much better already.

I think the new CRV doesn’t need to be much better than the current model to be a huge it.

With a more upscale design, inside and out, this will sell like hotcakes….

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  1. Holy crap!

    That looks FANTASTIC! It looks like the CR-V will finally get a modern NAV unit with a large screen set in the dash.

    Vince, a few points for you:

    1. Honda has ALWAYS "teased" the concept versions of all of their vehicles that were about 95% production ready. They've been doing it since the mid 90's and it has nothing to do with money to burn as you say, which is somewhat of a silly comment.

    2. The 3 generation CR-V was WIDELY known for having the best interior in its class as far as design and material quality. Open ANY major automotive publication and you will find that opinion. You are the only one who says it is "depressing".

  2. I agree with sleeksilver. "Depressing"? Compared to what in its price category?

    I own one and am more than happy with the interior. I like how a tiny photo with watermarks on it prove a "huge improvement". Maybe it is, but you certainly can't tell by that photo.

  3. CRV gets better looking and the Civic became a turd. Fire the Civic designers and get the CRV crew working on a Civic refresh asap!

  4. Seems evolutionary. I am not a fan of the over designed headlights on such a utilitarian SUV. But the rear design looks good. The interior is nothing special, but it'll serve its purpose just fine.

  5. Just when I thought the concept was good looking, regardless of the Volvo rear end….I hear the knocking of the Kia Sportage wanting its headlights back.

    So…Toyota steals from Acura, so that gives them the right to take from Kia?

    Can't wait to see the whole though w/o the cameo though…

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