2012 Hyundai i30

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First official sketch of the all new Hyundai Hatchback for the European market.

Just like the new i40 sedan os more or less the equivalent to our Sonata. This is related to the new Elantra.

What we have been getting here as the Elantra Touring is the wagon version of the current i30.

Here is the current version.

It think it might be time for Hyundai to offer similar models here and in Europe. Just like Ford is doing.

Instead of having sedans and hatchbacks that barely look related. Seems like such an expensive way to go.

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  1. A good looking little car gets even better looking! Cograts to Hyundai once again. Toyota…Honda…anyone watching?

  2. A good looking little car gets even better looking! Congrats once again to Hyundai. Toyota….Honda….anyone watching?

  3. Hyundai/Kia seem to recognize that sedan buyers in different markets have different tastes in styling and size.. but hatchback/wagon buyers seem to be more cohesive, hence only building one hatch or wagon for the world while offering shorter/longer (or sportier/stodgier) versions of the sedan for specific buyers. I assume the wagon version of the new i30 will again become the US Elantra Touring.. and that can only be a good thing!

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