2012 Infiniti FX

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The FX is getting Infiniti’s new face. So I guess that also means this design will be around for a few years.

Otherwise, everything else seems to be the same. Inside and out.
Engine is unchanged.

Starting at over $43 000, the FX has always been on the expensive side. The 2012 Cadillac SRX starts at around $36 000.
And the Lexus RX at about $39 000.

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  1. I love how this is being described by others as "A facelift". Really!? Infiniti needs to fire someone because they are making expensive cars that look too much like a friggen cartoon. Unreal

  2. DAMN! This second generation FX has always been over-styled and in poor taste but now it's just BUTT UGLY! Seriously, the front end looks like a butt. Two cheeks with a rosebud in the middle!

  3. Torrey used the rite phrase "Over-styled" if it was toned down a bit more like first gen, it would have been a hit. First one was a bit under styled

  4. To my eyes this front end is more consistent with the rest of the baroque styling of this vehicle. For those who find the FX appealing, this may actually look better to them. With that said, I just don't get this vehicle and why anyone would want one!

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