2012 Infiniti JX

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Yet another teaser pic of the all new 7 seater Infiniti.
Not sure yet how they will be pricing this. Above the already overpriced $43 000 FX would be quite a bit of money.

Who knows. It won’t be cheap…

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  1. Having just bought a G37x I can tell you they discount their whole line anywhere from 3500 to 5000 dollars.

  2. It appears that the designers who created the 1995 Taurus finally found jobs at Nissan. Cars shouldn't look like they oozed out of somewhere.

  3. I seriously doubt the FX35 will continue after the JX35(?) arrives, since they would likely be priced very similarly.. looks like the FX50 (probably renamed FX56) will carry on as a V8-only X6 and Cayenne fighter, while the JX (and future JX Hybrid) will likely serve as the X5/ML/MDX/RX-competing people movers.

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