2012 Infiniti JX

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Here are the 1st pictures of the whole thing.

Not much is known yet. But being based on the same platform as the Maxima, it will use its 3.5 Liter V6 and CVT.

I have to say that from experience, I think the CVT in the Maxima is vastly superior to the 7 speed auto in other Infiniti models.

So this should be pretty good.

The interior seems much closer to the Infiniti M than the Maxima as well.

I think, it priced right, this will be great competition to the Buick Enclave and Audi Q7.

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  1. There are some cars that were just born to live a brief life, then quickly retire to a junkyard where it will spend the majority of its existence rusting away. I can already see this with four flat tires and bondo.

  2. Okay.

    I wouldn't be so bothered by that D-pillar design had they stuck it on a sexier production car first.

    It can only get better from here, right?

  3. I kinda like it (for an SUV, anyway). I'll never buy an SUV, but I definitely won't mind seeing this one next to me on the highway…

  4. Pretty conservative for Infiniti. The new company issued grill looks very "Nissan-like" I want to see in person but I was hoping for more stand-out styling like my FX.

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