2012 Kia Cee’d

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So far, the Cee’d has been more or less the European version of our Kia Forte.
Except even more modern looking.
Even the new Forte Hatch doesn’t look as modern as the 5 year old German designed Cee’d.

So an all new Cee’d means a new Forte soon.
Maybe this time they could be the same car. Why not.

The Forte could just be a trunk version, sold only in the US. With the new hatch sold both in the US and Europe.
Just like the new Rio.

Even with all that camouflage, the next Cee’d already looks like another great design from Kia.

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  1. YES! I've always admired the Cee'd and haven't been too impressed with the Forte. This car would work perfectly in the US with sedan/hatch/coupe versions, especially since the Elantra is only offered as a sedan (I hope to see a new Elantra Touring soon).

    I swear I will trade my Audi in for a Kia/Hyundai very soon!

  2. From the looks of that upswept rear door/quarter window (just like the Accent), and the way the front hood cutline meets the front door window (just like the i40), this is more likely the new Hyundai Elantra hatch/touring. Wish it would have been an actual wagon again this time!

  3. This is Hyundai Elantra Touring which replaces the currently one. Remember, Hyundai's language is fluidic design whereas Kia is just simplicity design. This must be Hyundai Elantra Touring, not Kia Ce'ed.

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