2012 Kia Picanto 3 door

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Kia will add a 3 door version to its all new Picanto before the end of the year.

In Europe.

So far, the sub-Rio small Kia has not been approved for the US.

Too bad.

This 3 door version in black does look pretty sporty.

Even if it isn’t. The largest engine offered is a 1.2 Lier with 89hp.

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  1. Hey Vince I'm shocked you never posted the RWD Kia Sport sedan comment that was revealed a week ago?

    Also I'm shocked you never posted the redesigned 2013 Forte on spy shots. Well I guess you felt sorry enough for Honda and Toyota's pitiful designs you just had to spare them a little.

  2. The spy shots were copyrighted by B.Priddy who already hates me. I don't want to have the Wehrmacht after me again…
    As for the concept, I didn't think it was that interesting. Is it a preview to the K9? But the K9 is coming out really soon. And that would be more interesting to me.

  3. No it's no preview to the K9. Totally two differdmt designs. Im surprised you didnt find it interesting. Oh well no big deal to me. I cant wait to see the whole thing in and out though. No name was released yet. I'm also looking forward to the 3 door Rio too. But Vince you really didn't find anything interesting on that RWD Kia sedan concept? It's inspired by Aston Martin in a way.

  4. I like it, except for the horrible Rondo-esque taillights.. by the way, I can only imagine what a game-changer a Schreyer-penned Rondo replacement could have been in the minivan segment. Too bad they let that one go.

  5. Let's hope that Kia sees fit to bring the little Picanto to the US… for right around 11K – This could prove quite popular.

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