2012 Lexus GS

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The top image is the official teaser from Lexus. Which I brightened a bit.
It already looks better than the horrendous looking concept from last year.

Let’s hope the rest of the car also improves on the concept.
The GS used to be quite a good seller for Lexus.
Since the current model came out, it seems that all of its competition has been redesigned.

It’s really time for a new one.

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  1. I wouldn't get my hopes up. That grille looks ridiculous and Lexus/Toyota designers have a unique way of slapping together otherwise OK car forms into incoherent, inelegant messes

  2. Guy who left the first comment said it pretty well. Seeing lexus's newest designs (Except for LFA) this is going to be horrible. I know it's a lighting technique, but with what I see them doing, the grille surround might be LEDS. One design que I cannot understand for the life of me and really pisses me off cause very few companies do it correctly, is side mirrors mounted from door panel. Looks friggen doofy!

  3. The concept is uglification personified. Based on Toyota's penchant for the underwhelming, I don't expect the tarted up "official release" will be an improvement on this.

  4. My advice to Japanese designers is to stop focusing on just the "face" of the vehicle and give more attention to the overall form. And for god's sake, stop making the face actually look like a face.

  5. The side profile of the car is generic and common. But the plastic bits on the front and rear are fast n furious. The whole thing just seems silly.

  6. Looks like they fattenned the bumper a bit from the concept, and also added some functional foglights. Otherwise, the LED effects on the headlights are just standard luxury now (ala Audi), and the overall Darth Vader grill is an attempt to be menacing. Borrowing from so many ES350 cues, where does this leave Lexus' best selling ES sedan??

  7. It looks very aggressive and a perfect balance between the concept and reality. All of you MB fanboys sure would know what you are talking about when you call this car "generic".

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