2012 Lexus GS

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I hate to say, but this looks like a mess to me.

The profile especially seems like it was designed by a bunch of people who never talked to each other.

This seems like a big step back from the current car, which still looks very nice to me.

Not sure where they can go from this….

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  1. It's boring and looks so much like the current IS350 from the profile (even a little bit of the old IS300 in the front end of the the profile). The headlights and grill are so weird and soooo Japanese (Acura and Infiniti are both making some ugly mugs). What is it with the large seam above the headlights. I thought it was a mistake when I first saw it on the current RX. This car might look better in black, since black seems to hide most of the flaws (unless they are outlined in chrome).

    So far, the A6, 5 series and even the Genesis are 10X better looking than this thing.

  2. Do you guys think that maybe another company sent in a mole to send Lexus down stream? It can't be otherwise that any individual looking to keep they're job would think these current designs look good? Such a mess

  3. Seriously? That's it???

    It honestly looks like they changed the front and rear 6" and said screw everything else.

    The Japanese, while still insanely reliable, are resting too much on their laurels. I see absolutely no reason to buy this over an E Class or a 5 Series.

  4. The same Toyota officials who somehow thought the new Camry was a good design must think the designers hit it out of the park with this one. Wrong.

  5. I'll bet you a couple bricks that body shops that sell dubs will start selling "Lexus GS-style" body kits for the previous-gen Hyundai Sonata. This is awful. I love the 2004-2011 Lexus GS design…it's as good (for its time) as the original 1989 LS400.

  6. I'm surprised you didn't show a pic of the rear. I kid you not, it is 95% identical to the Sonata. I guess that's a really good thing for Hyundai and a shot in the foot for Toyota. I guess they decided it's their turn to copy and paste.

  7. They have been criticized so much over the years for not having any personality.
    They are now going crazy and throw any weird idea they can come up with.
    Which didn't work for Honda/Acura, and doesn't work for them either.

    They are lost and cannot seem to find their way…

  8. I'm a self-labled "Toyota/Lexus" guys, and I must say I'm pretty confused by this design. To me, it looks like a cross between the ES350 and the HS250 with very little traditional GS stying in there. The headlights, tailights, and bodylines look ES. The grill looks HS. The wheels look IS. Is this Lexus' attempt to finally combine the ES & GS??

  9. the GS was the Lexus that was always sportier and more distinctive than all the other Lexii. It always had taillights that were unique compared to every other generic Asian vehicle. The roofline was always like a fastback.

    This is the new GS?

    It looks like every other Asian car now. I mean does ever freakin car have to have the same taillights that sweep up to a triangle on the side? And the roofline is now the generic Asian copycat BMW dog-leg roof.

    And that new nose? It may be a little different… but it's not pretty at all.

  10. mitch is exactly right.. Lexus already has the ES and LS for their traditional blue-haired base.. the IS and GS are supposed to be the sportier, more individualistic models. So what's up with the LS greenhouse and bland faux-BMW styling?
    I think Lexus missed a MAJOR opportunity to turn the GS into their "four-door coupe" and take direct aim at the CLS and A7!

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