2012 Porsche 911

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What a pleasure to see a company that understands and appreciate their history.

They never screwed up the design of the 911. And this all new one is another example.

The classic design and personality of the original is still there, yet the car looks modern.

The interior now seems a bit more upscale and looks more like the Panamera sedan. And, a glass panel is available.

Good news all around.

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  1. I always appreciate their approach to design. Porshe knows how to evolve their design. Too bad so many other manufacturers cannot seem to comprehend on how to do this, E.G. Honda tried this with the new civic…fail.

  2. With Porsche, unlike many other car companies it's "Evolutionary design" over "Revolutionary design". Each time a new style comes out you think "There's no way it could look better then this!" and yet the next is always a step in a pos direction. The new front end looks Great. Didn't change too much. The profile is a bit more voluptuous, the rear end is probably the biggest change. It's a bit longer looking. Almost seems to give a (Dare I say) mid engined look. The tail lights are slim, almost BMW Z8 like (Great thing). Lastly the interior is a big upgrade.

  3. As a previous 911 owner (the wonderful 993 Turbo), I've become quite bored with the 'evolutionary' progress of the design… Yes, it affords the vehicle an instant familiarity, but it also shows a degree of complacency on the part of Porsche, as well as an inability to truly innovate in any aesthetically meaningful way.

    This latest model may look ever so slightly different than the one it replaces, but it's still just more of the same-ole-same-ole, being anything but 'modern', and if any other car rested on its laurels for this long, it'd be lambasted.

  4. I disagree with the person above. The other models in the Porsche line up should be revolutionary, this car should stay the way it is. The easiest thing for a car designer to do is start over new, Porsche evolves.

  5. Weren't there complaints about the late 90s and early 2000s versions which made additions to the headlights? Remember the big deal they made about "taking the design back to its roots"?

  6. Porsche and Chrysler produce cars that are very similar to previous gens. (911 and the 300). Honda does the same with the Civic and people can't stop talking trash about it.

    What gives?

    And no, I am not comparing a 911 to a Civic

  7. What new design? Porsches have been looking like this for decades!! You can put a porsche logo on a turd and people would still love it.

  8. What new design? Porsches have been looking like this for decades! U can put a porsche logo on a turd and people will still love it. Evolutionary over revolutionary my ass. Wake up and smell what youre shovelin'!

  9. this is new?
    it's a pleasure alright. pleasure knowing that nobody, not even current porsche owners will notice that you are actually driving a brand new, top of the line model. you parked this next to a bunch of cayman, boxter, and current 911's it will blend in become invisible

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