2012 Toyota Camry interior

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Doesn’t seem so bad after all.

At least on this picture…

The Kia Optima is still miles ahead of this, but this is nicer than the Accord. And the new Passat interior doesn’t seem more modern than this.

We’ll see much more in a few days….

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  1. Certainly not horrible, but…

    I agree that the Koreans (Kia/Hyundai) are so far ahead of the game at this point that this looks so last generation already.

  2. I haven't been in the latest Passat. But I would never expect a VW to have all the plastic flashing and mis-aligned seams that you see on a typical toyota. This design doesn't look very forward-thinking, but if Toyota can improve the quality of their interiors, it will go a long way.

  3. Ok, I am not impressed.

    I expected way too much because I thought Toyota would have stepped up their game.

    What we have here is cowardice by design.

  4. yes, the VW with their way below average reliability rating and mechanical problems will literally cause a explosion and blow up any toyota or honda parked next to it.

  5. Yeah, I am not impressed with this.

    Vince, I think it is strange you think this is nicer than the Accord's current interior. Even with the Accord going on its 5th MY I think it still looks cleaner and more sophisticated than this brand new interior.

    Whatever, a new Accord is about a year away…

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