2012 Toyota Camry

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Another small detail teaser picture of the all new Camry.
Which doesn’t mean much since we’ve seen the whole car last week in a bunch of spy shots taken during a commercial shoot.

So we know it will pretty much look like a big Corolla.
A very conservative move indeed…

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  1. Those headlights are ape'd right off of the current TSX.

    This is shaping up to be another boring snooze-mobile. It will sell in the hundreds of thousands to those who don't know any better, or care to know any better.

    1. Hyundai Sonata
    2. Mazda 6
    3. Kia Optima

    Those are my three favorite midsizers.

  2. What's interesting to me is that this detail shot looks interesting (if unoriginal). What's unfortunate is that the big picture will not, a common trait of Japanese car design. The same is true for the Accord. Some interesting areas, but the big picture just falls apart. The Europeans and now the Koreans avoid this, as we do here in the States.

  3. autoblog.com has completely uncovered KGP shots of the Camry Hybrid already.. and we were right, the greenhouse is exactly the same as the current model.

  4. the car already feels old to me looking at it every day online in spy photos, just like the last generation model(complete redesign)

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