2012 Toyota Camry

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This is from a Canadian site.

It looks to me like the SE, but the caption reads 2.4L Hybrid.

So who knows.

I also hope the assy plastic crap around the windows are just dealer accessories.

It pretty much looks like a big Corolla. I think the days of the Camry being the best selling car in the US might be numbered.

It seems that everything else now is more attractive. And other cars are also getting to be very reliable and their reputations with consumers are all improving.

And do not dismiss the new Accord coming out next year. I know Honda has been on a poor design path lately.

But the 2012 CRV seems fine. So the next Accord could actually be pretty nice (Unless they pull another “2012 Civic” on us)

So far, there is nothing impressive or compelling about this new Camry. Even for the faithful…

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  1. There is just no way that this is the car that will carry Toyota for the next five years. I think that this car might actually be TOO vanilla, even for Toyota.

  2. Sonata and Optima, rejoice! Next Ford Fusion, expect to be number one in USA. This Camry has gone back in time much like the new Civic. I wonder what consumer reports will have to say about this.

  3. I love how they are following in that trend of taillights that look disjointed (new Subaru Outback?), with a chrome strip connecting them. It's always good to follow others design tricks even if they look like crap.

    Perhaps Toyota has finally figured out that people would like foldaway mirrors on a $30,000 car and that the Sonata and even the Dodge Avenger! now have them?

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