2012 VW Up!

Finally, some official pictures of the all new small VW.

And this is the production version. After teasing us with years of concepts and spy shots…

It is tiny and frugal. So it looks like the people’s car is back at VW.

Power so far will come from various engines from 60 to 75hp.

But that’s for Europe. No word yet on what will we get here in the US.

VW had said before that the new Up will make it over here. We;ll have to see what version. A 5 door is also expected soon.

As well as an EV version.

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  1. Very nice 'concept to production' effort…

    If they can keep that US price under 12k, and the MPG around 40+, they'll have a hit!

  2. Okay.

    So that's what's up!

    *lowercase u, lowercase p, exclamation point, as per another blog-based car website*

  3. I am waiting until they come out with the personalized version, the up yours!! Having owned a Volkswagen, the name will be fitting, since this is how VW's attitude towards its customers.

  4. No more anonymous comments, VInce? :-[

    Anyway, this had better get 50MPG in the USA. Otherwise, with the falling dollar dooming the hopes of a competitive pricing structure, VW has a lot to compete with domestically.

    But I like the grille design.

  5. Good luck selling this agains't the Citroen C1, Peugeot 107 and the Toyota Aygo, from which the Up! car was based upon, but worse design.



    The back of the 'UP!yours…' is really cheap looking.

    The interior looks a bit based of the Fiat 500, but only a bit.


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