2012/13 Mercedes BLS?

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Some call it the BLS, others the CLC.

Whatever it is, it seems to be the long rumored small sedan based on the upcoming A/B Class platform. Competing directly with the all new Audi A3 sedan coming out soon as well.
This would be yet another version of Mercedes’s small FWD cars coming to the US next year.

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  1. that's actually a very good looking shell for a (supposedly) inexpensive FWD entry level merc. i guess the VW CC will be in trouble

  2. @chuchurocket

    How will a bigger car like the CC be in trouble. No one in America wants to be in a Mercedes that badly.

  3. the CC is not exactly a family hauling road-trip vehicle either. ppl who buys the CC and this over a regular sedan/crossover are not looking/caring for interior room, trunk space, sizes etc, so that's a non-issue. also i don't know about you, but assuming the msrp is relatively close, a mercedes 4dc definitely has more ring to it than a passat based VW 4dc. and while not a industry leader, mercedes's reliability rating is miles ahead of VW's

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