2014 Cadillac ATS Specs.

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First, I thought this was going to be a 2013 model.

Second, I think a V8 in such a compact sedan is crazy. Even for the V Version.

But I guess they do have AMG as a target… So why not.

I know these are small to read. But here are the main numbers:

-ATS 2.0: 270hp, 22/32MPG

-ATS 3.6 V6: 330 hp, 20/30MPG

-ATS V V8: 470hp, 16/25MPG

We will see if these turn out to be true. Or not.

I guess we might have to wait a while.

A coupe is also scheduled, and I’ve also heard about a convertible.

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  1. So what's the source for this? I think this is certainly credible, and exactly what needs to happen…and if they DO do this, I WILL buy one!

  2. The 6 cylinder looks like it's going to compete directly with the Audi S4 and BMW 335. The 8-cyl is going to seriously eat their lunch. Holy crap! I hope it looks good and can handle because, on paper, I want this car.

  3. I think that it is great that Cadillac is making an honest effort at the compact luxury market. This is not going to be a Cimmaron by anyone's estimation. The only thing that I would urge the engineers to revisit is the choice of transmissions available. There really should be a manual option for a sports-luxury sedan in this category. After releasing the CTS V with the six speed manual, I would have been sure that GM would have seen the value in offering a transmission for us older 'mix your own gears" enthusiasts.

  4. Um, this is conjecture originally posted at Cheers and Gears…


    They even mention that is is just a guess based on what we know about GM's engines, etc.

    I'd tend to think that a DI twin-turbo 6 is the way the car will go for V-trim (especially when you take into account that Alpha was originally a 4-cylinder only platform and Cadillac pushed to get it altered to handle something as large as a V-6.

    tCE – caddyedge.com

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