Cadillac Ciel Concept

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This looks amazing to me.

One of the best American concept I have seen in years.

Reminds me of some of the great ones from Chrysler in the 90’s, before Mercedes destroyed it.

This is what a Cadillac should be. Something you just must have.

This concept is powered by a V6 Twin Turbo Hybrid system.

Not matter what engine it comes with, I just hope that some of this design ends up in the new top of the line sedan Cadillac announced a few weeks ago.

One that would be above the upcoming XTS.

Congratulations to the designers.

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  1. What a beautiful concept. Wow! Head on w the ref to the Chrysler look. There was a concept w that front end. Though it fits the Cadillac design theme better

  2. Alright! This screams "the Cadillac of automobiles!" Something their lineup hasn't been able to do since the discontinuation of the fleetwood!

  3. Love the lines. Low and long. To me it looks like what a four door Eldorado from the last 60's evolved into. The hood and trunk along with tail lights remind me of the 1970 eldo….if this is the future styling for Cadillac, bring it on.

  4. GM's problem with this brand is that they continue to tease the Cadillac faithful with long, lean, stylish concepts they would line up to buy.. yet only provides them stubby, underwhelming production models they generally choose not to.

  5. Cadillac is back!

    Oh, wait…they're not going to build it!?

    Of course not. They would have to price it like a Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe.

    But I think a Corvette C7-based Cadllac convertible with these sheetmetal cues and displacement-on-demand for the environmentally conscious…will sell quite nicely.

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