Chevrolet Spark coming to the US in January

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This will probably compete with the Versa as the cheapest car sold in the US.
The design is based on the 2007 Chevrolet Beat concept. And has been sold in other countries for a couple of years.
The Spark is smaller than the upcoming Sonic. Itself competing with the Fiesta.
It is only about 3 inches longer than a Fiat 500.

The larger engine available so far is a 1.2 Liter with 80h. Which is probably what we’ll get.

It’s actually good to see another interesting small car making it over here.
If they can keep the base price at about $10 000, it might even become popular.

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  1. I'm glad to see another tiny car make it's way to the states. The Fiat 500 is really a cool little car but it needs some competition (since the Mini Cooper is much more expensive and powerful). Now, if Ford will decide to bring the Ka stateside, then Fiat and Chevrolet will truly be put to the test because the Ka is probably the best looking and performing car in that mini compact class.

  2. Though I believe that it is cool to bring small cars into The states as well, this car visually cannot be put in the same class as the fiat, or let's say mini makes the rocketeer, can't compare this chevy to either

  3. fiat 500 and ford ka are the same, just different body and electricals. Both brilliant. Had a Chevvy Spark last week as a hire car. Real nippy, the LT version has all mod cons. Feels a little cheap but good fun. Dissapointed to be giving it back!

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