Ford Evos Concept

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While the interior is pure concept crazy/goofy, the more realistic exterior could give us some clues about upcoming production models.

Is the front end similar to the next Mondeo?

Is a coupe in the works?

That sort of things.

An interesting design for sure…

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  1. I'd have to say that this is the best looking Ford 'concept' ever conceived, and if they can keep it mostly intact for the production model (while keeping the price reasonable) they'll have a runaway hit.

  2. I instantly felt "Fusion Coupe" when I saw this. Why not? Honda and now Nissan are on a role with theirs. Toyota doesn't need to bring back the Solara though.

  3. Very cool. The good thing about cutting lose Aston Martin, is that now Ford can use some of their design elements on their own cars. If ford had done this while they owned AM, everyone would have been crying that they were destroying the brand by putting these design elements on a mass produced car.

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