New pictures of the new 2012 Mercedes B-Class

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Looking a bit better in this darker color.

But still not impressive. And still clumbsy. The side especially where too many lines are meeting in a weird way.

We will be getting a version of the new B-Class in the US.

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  1. I'm still having a problem with perspective. Is it really bloated? Or are the wheels and tires really tiny?

  2. Okay.

    Don't know a thing about the quality of the interior materials, but I really like the design. The outside looks like a hot mess took a dump on a turd.

  3. I own a 2011 B200 turbo (200hp and torque), and its a blast to drive. Very confortable also. Lots of room in the vehicle, better than any small SUV (CRV, RAV4…). Just go and try it, You'll see for yourself.

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