New Renault 5 ???

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The Renault 5 was a huge hit in Europe when it came out back in 1972.

It was redesigned a couple of times and ended production in 1996, and later was replaced by the Clio.

We know it over here as the Renault “Le Car”. Which was sold through AMC from 1976 to 1983.

Right now, Renault does not have one of these cool retro designs to compete with the Mini, Fiat 500 or the Beetle.

The popular Renault 5 could make a popular come back.

And this illustration does show a quite attractive looking car.

It would stay in Europe. Unless Nissan decides to sell it here to compete with the 500….

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  1. These were all over France in the early 90s. They were such cool cars in Europe, but the Americanized version was the awful "LeCar." It'll be a hit oversees, but it has such an awful stigma in the US that I don't know if it would sell.

  2. I once owned a Renault 5 Turbo and it was one of the most enjoyable cars I've ever driven – This one looks great – Let's hope it drives as good as it looks.

  3. These one off cars seem to be doing well. I see a lot of Fiats now and Minis are everywhere. This looks retro and not in a bad way. If it was a turbo or supercharged version, I could see it selling here. A lot of people don't really remember the Le Car and those that do are prob not in the demographic Renault/Nissan is targeting anyway.

  4. Most consumers in the US are kinda of ignorant, all that Renault needs to do is NOT call it the LeCar here. Just call it the Renault 5 here and most will have no clue.

  5. I remember the LeCar and in a positive way. It was cool. They need to bring the full length canvas roof too.

  6. Nissan could bring so much more interesting cars from Renault to the US (Megane instead of the uggly Versa, Megane coupé (RS version) as a smaller than 370z coupé, Megane CC as a nice sub-compact convertible and why not the sub-compact minivan Scenic, as there is none for Nissan)

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