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Actually not a horrible looking car. This should compete very well against the new Malibu and Passat.

Both being rather conservative themselves.

Plus Toyota literally has millions of repeat customers. They will do great by just appealing to previous Camry owners.

As usual, the SE looks weird. Adding side skirts and spoilers on a boring car never looks good.

Wether you like it or not, this will be everywhere within a few months….

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  1. If it weren't for the 7" nav screen in the middle of the dashboard, this entire car would look like it belongs sometime in the late 80s. I'm sure it will sell well for some reason, but this is not nearly as attractive as the new Malibu, Sonata, Passat or even the aging Fusion.

  2. There is something very "down market" looking about this "all new" version of the Toyota Camry.

    It reminds me more of an enlarged Corolla. Nothing new really, awfully regressive.

  3. To the average person, this will look exactly like the previous generation Camry — which was not as attractive as the Camry from a few years ago. Same with Honda and its current Accord. The previous one was better-looking.

    Two companies just resting on their laurels. But something tells me that won't be for long.

  4. Meh. Very dull. Perfect for the old and timid people who will buy them. Toyota and Honda have completely gone to cardigan old-fart snoresville in the last few years. I guess it must be working for them, though.

  5. Looks pretty plain but better than the vanilla Passat which looks like a 90s chevy. Everything else out there looks better. The competition is pretty stiff right not but people who like Toyota are not likely to move to something else.

  6. Topaz wrote: "Two companies just resting on their laurels. But something tells me that won't be for long."

    Now, given that the opening line of your sentence make sense, why ruin it with stating the exact opposite of which is clearly NOT true.

  7. I'm sorry if I was unclear. The point I was trying to make was, with other car companies continuing to offer more attractive alternatives, Toyota and Honda will inevitably have to play catch-up and offer better cars.

    Speaking of which, I have never actively thought about buying a Kia. Nothing against them, I am just not in need of their kind of car. But I saw a snazzy-looking black Optima parked outside my building yesterday and it really made me do a double-take. If I wanted a mid-size sedan, it would be on my shopping list. Neither the new Camry or the Accord would be.

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