2012 Honda CRV

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The CRV has been popular in the US for many years.
This all new design should keep that trend.

I drove the current CRV and always thought it was a very nice car. Except for the interior. But that’s a matter of taste.
I am sure the new one drives even a bit better, get better fuel economy etc…

So this will be pretty much everywhere by next year.

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  1. As long as it sells and it's a Honda…? Actually, not true so much, year to date Honda sales are off by up to 25 percent.

    They hope for their sake they keep selling this.

  2. Appliance. Really not ever been very attractive, I would guess ford escape once redesigned will take the crown.

  3. Honda's lawnmower designers are more creative. There is nothing appealing about this except the return of the Volvo style lights and a Honda reputation for reliability.

  4. *Sexist comment alert* The current design appeals to women because it's cute and happy looking. It even has a smiling grill. But this looks like they tried to make it more aggressive and mean looking to appeal to men. It could broaden their market, or completely turn off their core buyer. Time will tell.

  5. This is a textbook case of how not to design a car when there are better designed cars from just about everyone including the new dynamic duo Hyundai-Kia.

  6. Honda Sales are down due to lack of product because of Tsunami. Come on people, get your stuff straight.

  7. It doesn't seem like Honda tried very hard. The opposite of "out of the box" thinking is bland and commonplace. And that's what this is. Honda has a reputation for building solid cars, not good looking cars. So this thing had better be solid as a rock, or they'll have nothing.

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