2012 Hyundai Eon

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These are real pictures of the all new super small Hyundai. I had posted official sketches earlier.
As far as I can tell, the Eon is not a replacement for the i10 sold in Europe. It is even smaller and cheaper.
Power will come from a new 3 cylinder engine.

This is, so far, mostly for the Indian Market.

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  1. Looks crisp and cute! Much nicer and more harmonious than the facelifted i10 sold here in Europe. The back shows some lines seen also at the Accent Hatchback or the old generation i30.

  2. Since low-cost-cars are so popular in Europe these days (I see Dacias everywhere), I can imagine this car being added to Hyundais range of cars over here. Especially, since its small dimensions would make this one perfect for crowded cities.

    But what could be an appropriate name for this? Hyundai i0?

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