2012 Hyundai i30

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The i30 is related to our Elantra. But as you can see. it is not just a hatchback version of the Elantra.
It does have its own design.
And , being mostly a European model, it does offer Diesel engines. From 90 to 130hp.
Plus, it looks from these pictures that a glass roof is available too.

These are pictures of our Elantra.
They do look very similar at first but they actually have different designs all together.
Not sure why they didn’t choose to just have the same car as a hatch and a sedan.
The interior is also different. Maybe a bit less “goofy” looking and simpler in the European version.

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  1. I like this I30/Elantra Touring a lot! I like the interior better too. I don't know what kind of engines they'll offer but a 1.6T or n/a 2.0l would be nice for top engines. I like hatches and I'd seriously consider buying this.

  2. Hyundai is on a roll. They didn't just start a luxury brand by making a different name, but instead defining the existing name. Great job

  3. I loved the new Elantra but now I love this new i30 even more. It has less lines on the exterior and a tamer interior which makes me like it more than the Elantra. The current Elantra touring is a wagon version of the i30, so I hope that we get a glimpse of the wagon version of this new i30 very soon.

  4. Overall I think it looks pretty good even if it's not a totally original design. The front "face" needs work and the the two curved chrome bars aren't helping the grille area at all.

  5. Okay.

    When our Elantra is refreshed in a few years, I can almost guarantee that it will be getting the dashboard design from the i30.

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