2012 Nissan Versa test drive coming up

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I really don’t know how any of you could have guess what car I was driving from the obscure picture I posted earlier. But you did.

So yes, I am currently driving the newly redesigned Versa sedan. And will answer any questions you might have about the car.

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  1. The only things I know about the new Versa are: 1. it's ugly as sin, 2. it has the most headroom in its class. So, ummm, wear a hat?

  2. Is the rear seat as roomy as they say it is? For as much as this car costs, I can't complain…until you fill in the top of the line model w/ all options. This seems decent as a base model car, but that's about it.

  3. Hi Vince, I just wanted to say you post great insider news items on this blog, so keep it up. I'm probably one of your biggest fans.
    But with what I'm about to say, I mean in the most sincerest of ways, without the intention to offend you: You really need to do a check for grammar and spelling errors before you post a news item. I'm always looking forward to posts without any silly typo in it. Granted, this isn't a newspaper website or anything like that, but these errors have leave an impression of taking away from your credibility.

    Keep up the good work as always.

  4. I've heard this thing is absolutely awful from a co-worker who was test driving B-segment vehicles last weekend. Everything he said seemed to line up with what car and driver said about it.

    Vince, I think you are in for a huge disappointment.

  5. I just took a ride in a Sonic yesterday. It was a decent car with a surprising amount of room. I didn't feel claustrophobic like I did in the Aveo and Aveo5, however a 2LT priced at $18,000 is a HARD sell compared to the new Versa.

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