2012 Subaru WRX-Sti

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I have never been a big fan of these little conservative looking sedans with all the added wings and spoilers.

To me these cars will never look as sporty as a coupe. They’re just too square and old fashion.

But they have been pretty popular in the past, so…

Here is what the next version could look like. I thing this is still just an illustration.

But it probably isn’t far from the real thing. Same recipe as ever. Take a super conservative small sedan and add all the stuff you can think of. Voila.

I am sure they’re fun to drive. Too bad they look so bad…

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  1. Meh… looks pretty much what I expected. The front-end looks aggressive, but the rest looks like a previous gen Civic on steroids. I'm sure it'd be a fun drive, but for the price I'm sure they want, I'd rather something bigger and more luxurious.

  2. Nope. THis is a photochop job of the new Impreza with a wing and big wheels. MotorTrend and others have reported that future WRX will go their own way and share very little with the Impreza. I'm not convinced. Anyone can photochop a car these days.

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