2012 Toyota Avensis

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The current Avensis has been out in Europe for 3 years and Toyota has decided to give it a mid cycle refresh.
It works. With few changes the car looks better, more modern and aggressive.

And, this 3 year old design still looks much better than our all new 2012 Camry. Inside and out!

It’s a shame Toyota hasn’t decided to merge the Avensis and Camry into one car. I know the Avensis is a smaller car ( by about 6 inches.)
Still… It would make sense to me to stretch this car just a bit and do what others do. Sell the same model in Europe and the US.

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  1. That rear end is horrible. Toyota couldn't design an attractive rear end if their lives depended on it. Didn't their lame designers get the memo that chrome bars over the license plate holder look dated and cheap?

  2. The Camry is not selling well in Europe because it is too big. So, do you expect Toyota the expand the size of Avensis and sell it in Europe??

  3. I know this is not but this is what our Corolla should look like. May be boring to some herebut that is 4 times better looking then the 2011 corolla- * times betterlooking tnen the new civic

  4. @ Johnny

    Aren't Scion's suppose to be cheaper than Toyota's? European Toyota's are more expensive than American Toyota's, so that just wouldn't work. Mid size European sedans would cost some where between 26 – 29t dollars, as well as being one size smaller than American mid size sedans. Just look at the Regal, Acura TSX or even the old Passat.

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