2013 BMW 3 series coupe

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This illustration is probably close to the real thing.

We have already seen most of the new 3 series sedan for 2013. This looks like a mix of it and the new 6 series.
Not a big improvement over the current good looking coupe if you ask me…

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  1. "Not a big improvement over the current good looking coupe if you ask me…"

    Looks evolutionary for the coupe, with is incredibly good looking. But it's potentially a huge improvement over the current 3 series sedan. Which looks like a cheap Korean car.

  2. Don't like the bonnet. And no, not every new version is better. Sometime, we havé to wait the facelift for a decent aesthetic.

  3. BMW's just releasing one boring design after another… and if this looks anything like the final product, that won't be changing anytime soon.

  4. This illustration is just someone's concept of what they would like to see.

    Don't put a lot of credibility into it.

  5. @SalvatoreBellomo

    I think he is strictly referring to the styling changes.

    But you're right, they have been improvements from generation to generation.

    I just think that, from an exterior styling perspective, this is one of the more evolutionary updates between models. The F30 sedan looks A LOT like the E90. That's not a bad thing but I personally would have like to have seen few more of the styling ques from the i8 or perhaps even a 328 Homage. But that's just me..

    I still love my 328i Sport Wagon.

  6. It always takes time for it to work perfectly. It almost seems that BMW purposely leaves certain aspects unfinished so they have something to update in a few years v

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