2013 Ford Fusion/Mondeo

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These illustrations do resemble the spy shots we have seen for the past few months.
So it could be pretty close. Or not…. It is still early.

Once this is for sure, the next Fusion will look 100 times better than the current one which looked pretty dated when it came out.
I know it is a popular car, and does drive well. But I never liked the design much. Especially the interior.

This looks very promising.

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  1. Let's hope that Ford will use better quality materials this time. I have read stories about crappy looking dashboards after a couple of years of ownership.

  2. Ford's certainly on a roll, though their pricing leaves much to be desired lately.

    Anyway… This looks very nice, not nearly as handsome as the Optima or as pretty as the Sonata, but certainly good looking.

  3. Wow…aston martin front end, Kia/hyundai rear end…slightly Audi A7 in the middle. Are you sure this isn't one of those Chinese designs???

  4. Although I am impressed with this design, it doesn't do anything for me. I guess the 2010 Fusion was such a turn around for me when compared to the 2006 model, it was almost perfect. I really WANT to like this menacing Aston Martin/Jaguar design, but it seems "off" to me some how. I guess the 3 Bar design is being phased out completely with the exception of the F-150 now….more of a euro design takeover instead of a beautiful US/Euro blended design.

    Btw, this looks like the hatch we won't be getting.

    Also, I'm not a fan of the extra pillar in the front windows. This seems to be a growing trend unfortunately…

    My final stance is that this will be the average person's XJ….which isn't a bad thing I guess. I'd still prefer an Optima SX though…as long as they give you an option to have camel leather instead of an all black interior….and put back the LED DRLs.

  5. If the next Fusion is a true Mondeo, then what does this mean for Mazda? The Current Fusion is basicly a Mazda 6 in Ford clothing.

    The last time we had a Mondeo here, it was the Ford Contour and Mercury Mystique/Cougar, those were heaps of junk. But at least this looks GOOD. The foreign Fords were always more attractive than our blah-styled U.S. Fords.

  6. This is very nice. Ford is already "updating" the Taurus, so I thought it was odd that the Fusion hadn't received a new treatment.

  7. It looks very promising but this illustration looks….. weird. I don't know if it's the styling, the proportions, if I need glasses or what. I think when Ford shows the final design it'll be a more cohesive design. And hopefully not watered down like ALL their past models. If Ford comes out with a sport version of the new Fusion with AWD, I'm probably going to buy it. So far I like the idea of a sporty, efficient,versitile, practical car that can perform with all wheel drive. If they do come out with a 5 door in the USA, that'll be the frosting on the cake:) Buick could'nt deliver with an AWD Regal GS so I'm hoping the Fusion will.

  8. This would be a nice replacement for my '07 Milan. Not sure what the 3rd anonymous was talking about when they said the dashboards looking crappy, mine is four and it looks like new, in fact the whole car has held up well. This has been the most reliable car that I have owned in 38 years. Combine that with the way these pictures look and I am completely sold.

  9. Guys look at pictures from the ford evos concept… It's based on it, but the concept is way better !

  10. Although the Road & Track pics were posted last year, I saw pretty much what is shown there out for exercise today. Same front end camo, same black fuel filler cover. Same cheesy Korean looking rear. One of the suppliers in the office complex I work in always has a steady supply of camouflaged Ford products. I had my suspicion that it was the new Fusion, and was surprised to see it on the site here.

    I have a 2011 Fusion. I bought it because I think it looks great, and I wanted to get one before it was replaced by a car with the new blobby styling that's so popular right now. I really don't want to drive around in an overstyled Hyundai wanna-be.

  11. dollars to donuts I bet these designs will be more Lincoln than Ford. A MKZ has recently been spotted in camo and the car's profile and through the side window photos suggests a third window, ala A6/XJ. With Lincoln trying to reinvent itself in 18-24 months it would only make sense to change nose and rear on this bad boy and call it a day….I'm just sayin'

  12. This would certainly strike my fancy as a driver of an 04 TSX, it has the European lines and isn't a typical design. The Aston Martin front end matches the rear pretty good I think.

  13. I see the family look with Focus and Fiesta. I wonder if there will be nothing bigger than a four cyl. here like with the Sonata/Optima and apparently the next Malibu.

  14. I thought the same thing, guys… had to check the title again. It looks like an Aston. I sure hope they dont make it look like this… it makes me afraid for the new Mustang (thats supposed to be a departure designwise also)

  15. Road & Track shows a much more conservative version of the next Fusion:

  16. well observe for a moment this shot of the rear of the new Lincoln MKZ

    it is obvious that if this shares the same roof-line as the ford, that there is both room for that rear shoulder hump over the fender and the hatchback profile / sloping roofline seen on this illustration seen on that illustration.

    I would prefer it not look like this though… but rather, more of a Sonata or an Optima (both of which borrowed heavily from the germans in their design language instead of something more korean or asian inspired. It can take from the original Evos concept in inspiration, that is fine, but I would prefer more defined, creases, and an evolved organic look seen on BMW's and some products from the VW umbrella.

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