2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

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Not sure if this new front end makes the car better looking or not.
It’s not as simple as before. And maybe resemble the rest of the cheaper Hyundai models a bit too much.

The Genesis coupe is a great car no matter what. I am now curious to see what they came up with for the interior…

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  1. Though I am a fan of the Hyundai Corp face, I feel that there is a little too much going on upfront. I was never a huge fan of the car, especially the rear side window. The unexpected dip always pissed me off

  2. This looks great! The only thing that I didn't like about the current Genesis Coupe was the tiny, dated grill and the awkward headlight design.

    I recently saw a Veloster on the streets of Portland and it was stunning. I'm glad the new face of the Genesis Coupe resembles the Veloster and the rest of the sleek Hyundai line up.

  3. About eight years ago, Audi decided to start extending their grilles below the front bumper as an homage to their 20th century racecars. Some years later, journalists wrote that across the industry, designers would start to copy this design move, for better or for worse. I think what we're seeing isn't necessarily designers copying Audi… but their grille-below-the-bumper tropes being approved by the bosses because Audi took the plunge and went first. It also doesn't hurt that Hyundai-Kia hired a former Audi designer.

  4. This front end is a double edged sword indeed. I do admit the original was a little plain though. This seems like a mix of the Elantra and last Tiburon. I think this is prop up the "family face" instead of dragging the Genesis brand down.

  5. I am on the fence about the new grille design until I can get a much better look when the car is officially launched.

  6. Whle the current model looks simple and updated, this doesn'r look bad, BUT looks cheap and doesn't add amy excitement to the car

  7. Wrong Move. All it needed was a new grille texture. The rest of the old front was fantastic. This looks like ass. At least Nissan would never put the Sentra's (or any of their sedans) front end on the 370Z.

  8. Anonymous is baaaack. Good for traffic to your website Vince.

    All I will say about this photo is that it is not good enough to draw a conclusion one way or the other. Huyndai has produced some prettty attractive designs lately. I am sure this will be no different.

  9. Yes! Another Anonymous here, and this one agrees with the new front end: It'a a big improvement over the generic Corolla-like opening on the current model

  10. "Anonymous allowance may bring more comments, but it also encourages bad behavior."

    Yeah, but it is good for Vince's business(more traffic.) And if he does not like certain comments, he has the discretion not to publish them.

  11. I agree with anonymous and anonymous.. Vince has always moderated the posts, and actually allows a few negative ones through, even when they are directly aimed at him. I for one don't like to have to log into a public blog with the same email and password as my Gmail account, so this move will bring me back.

    As far as the front end is concerned, I agree with 6-speed.. why would you slap the grille of a compact sedan on your uplevel sports car? Obviously the Genesis/Equus sedan grille isn't an option either, so the coupe's grille should have a unique style that other models can aspire to, instead of making it look like an Accent coupe. They could have at least dropped the "H" badge as on their other upscale models.

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