2013 Infiniti G

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Still just an illustration. But why not.

The front does look like what we’ve seen recently on the JX and revised FX.

Which, it seems so far, most people don’t like.

I think Infiniti does need a bit of more style to make their cars less invisible in a crowd. Especially the G.

We’ll see how the real thing turns out….

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  1. Nothing here so outlandish that it seems unthinkable… This is probably pretty close to what they'll release.

  2. I've saw the new G in a focus group a few weeks ago and the front of rendering is only partially accurate. The large grille present on all new Infinitis has made it may onto the new G and it's not too flattering. The hood is long and the grille sits low with similar headlights to this drawing. It resembles the new jaguar a bit, but is not as tastefully done. The remainder of the car from the A pillar back retains much of the current G's profile but with some different lines. The rear of the new G looks similar to the Hyundai Sonata and Audi A4. There is a strange swoop (present on the new JX) on the rear passenger windows. Overall, I was not impressed with the new look, although I didn't hate it as much after spending a few hours looking at it.

  3. Why!? Hopefully Infiniti will fix the design issues they are having. I mean really? Why are Lexus and Infiniti doing these ugly designs?? They should learn from Acura who is trying to de-Polarize they're design

  4. So the new "swoop" is a cue that's here to stay. At least it's different without being too ugly. That front end is a different story. Are the fog lights moving back to the headlight housing or are they pulling a last gen Q45, telling a story that they aren't necessary because the headlights are so good then putting them back with the refresh?

  5. The front end could be any new Infiniti, so I can see why this could be mistaken for the G.. but my guess, based on the cab-forward windshield and obvious FWD wheel positions, that this is the sub-G Lexus CT competitor.

  6. There is nothing to learn from Acuras design disaster…well…except for just don't put bird beaks on front!!

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