2013/14 Nissan Z?

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Just an illustration. Which actually reminds me a bit of that new Jaguar concept we saw just a few days ago.

Not sure what the next Z will actually look like. But it looks like upcoming regulations might be making life a bit tougher for sports cars in the next few years.
I wouldn’t be surprised to see a hybrid version in the next generation. Or even Hybrid only with an all EV option.

We’ll see…

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  1. For some reason, I think that would make a really nice return of the Z 2+2! Looks a little too large to be the standard Z, almost Infiniti G-coupe sized, which would make sense considering that is up for redesign too.

  2. I will be happy when this widemouthed bass style passes. Jaguar, Aston Martin and Audi all do it well. Everyone else is jumping on the bandwagon and are doing it poorly. With the advancement of LEDs and eventually laser headlamps, concept designs should show them getting smaller, sleeker and more designed-into the shape of the car. Having the headlamp shape crawl up the entire length of the front end, with multiple arachnid lenses, is superfluous and forced. The Ferrari 458 Italia does it well, but this rendering isn't as good.

    On a more positive note, adding some sort of hybrid technology to up the performance is intriguing for a car like this. Or, adding an electric turbo, like BMW is planning is also a different approach to improving horsepower while increasing efficiency. All good stuff.

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