Honda’s Miata fighter coming up?

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Just an illustration so far.
But it shows us what a CRZ based 2 seater convertible could look like.
Which means this “Miata fighter” would be FWD. And based on a car that hasn’t gotten the greatest reviews.

It might be fine for most people, but I don’t think it would be considered by actual Miata owners.

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  1. That's the nose the new civic coupe should have got….like the Crz. But instead it looks like a poor ugly duckling reject from Hyundai.

  2. A real Miata fighter already existed, and Honda neglected it then killed it. It's called the S2000. It was the small convertible that men weren't embarassed to own. Perhaps because it was only offered as a manual transmission. I'm not sure how an uglier, slower, FWD car would be any better.

  3. So Honda wants to build a better 90s Capri, I take it? They're better off building a modern del Sol, itself an interesting front-drive take on the Porsche 914.

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