Jaguar C-X16 Concept

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Quite a stupid name, really.
For something that is supposed to become a production model soon.

This is supposedly really close to what jaguar’s new “Cayman fighter” would look like when it comes out sometime next year.

It looks fine, but I just wish they’d put more “Jaguar” into it.
Especially up front where it looks like it could be anything, from almost anyone. It even has a bit of Nissan feel to it.
It could almost be the next Z…

A Jaguar should be much more….

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  1. Your comments are exactly what I was thinking when I saw it. The name has no connection to Jaguar, and the styling has no connection to other Jaguars except a little bit in the grill opening. Could have been a lot more exciting.

  2. It's pretty recognizable as a jag. You have to remember that all the design languages are changing for them. Car has a baby BABY Aston look to it. Especially the interior.

  3. The name is in reference to Callum's time at Jaguar, C for concept, and 16 references the fact that this is the 16th Jaguar that Callum has designed.

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