Maserati Kubang

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After years of speculation, it is real. Maserati will build an SUV.
I guess why not. If even Porsche does it, and is successful at it.
This could increase Maserati sales drastically.

And, at least from these pictures, it does look like a Maserati.

The Kubang is supposed to be based on the Jeep Grand Cherokee. But it doesn’t show. Which is a good thing for an SUV that is expected to cost 2 or 3 times as much as the Jeep.
The Maserati will rely on its own engines.

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  1. MAZDArati! The profile is a Mazda CX7 and the tail is very similar to the Porsche Cayenne. Fiat needs to focus it's attention on fixing Chrysler/Dodge rather than building a $100K+ SUV.

  2. Though it looks allot better then the kubang illustration that was floating around previously, I am not sold on it's looks. I mean it's attractive, just not sexy like other maseratis.

  3. This thing looks ridiculous. A rebadged Jeep Cherokee with Maserati engineering? Sounds like a reliability nightmare waiting to happen

  4. Overall it is a nice effort considering what they had to work with.. but the rear end is a total Audi ripoff. They should have grafted the GranTurismo taillights to it instead!

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