More pictures of the all new Honda Euro Civic

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While it does look much better than the sad looking sedan we are getting in the US, it still doesn’t look as good to me as the previous version.
Especially the interior. Which, just like the US version, seems to be a step back.
It is also sad to notice that even in Europe, Honda keep offering the brown/dark beige combo for its interiors. Instead of a more modern and classier tan/black. Or all tan.

Anything but the dreadful brown/dark beige from the 80’s….

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  1. This misshapen lump looks even more pathetic next to that nice new Hyundai i30. Honda keeps messing up. Sad.

  2. What do you think the chances are that Honda brings this over as a new gen RSX? For some reason, I could see this happening.

    The sporty wedge shaped profile is nice, but the front and rear of this car doesn't impress me.

  3. I can see this as an Acura RSX too.. though the previous version would have looked much more harmonious with Acura's generally conservative styling, this could be a smaller companion to the ZDX.

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