Toyota’s new fake engine noise on Prius

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It does make sense. Making sure people can hear a Hybrid coming.
The noise they came up with sounds like a car from a Science Fiction movies from the 60’s, which is actually pretty cool.

I just hope you can’t hear it from inside the car. Which could become truly annoying after a while…

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  1. WOW!!! That sounds terrible! It sounds like the powersteering pump is out of fluid or something. Of course what did I expect. Toyota can't make a good looking, how can they make a good sounding car. I didn't expect a V8 engine sound but man, that's pathetic.

  2. Wow, that's horrible. Didn't engineer the LF-A to have a certain sound? Why couldn't they do something similar here? I wonder if it would void the warranty to hack the system to make is sound like any SRT-8.

  3. Hey! Look at me! I drive a Prius! Now even people who don't already know what a pretentious Hybrid looks like will instantly know it by the sound.

  4. Here's an idea. Why not have it sound just like a gasoline engine car, so it wouldn't be annoying to non blind people?

  5. They should have made it sound like a Hemi.
    This sound is obnoxious like a screaming girl. I guess it is appropriate for a Prius buyer.

  6. Toyota also plans to make all of their Hybrid vehicles radiate a low-grade blue-green hue from every painted surface.. not because it helps deaf people see the oncoming hazard (for example, at 0:28, when Prius drivers blatantly turn in front of pedestrians that clearly have the right of way) they can't hear, but simply because Prius customers want everyone to look at them.

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