2012 Audi A5

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The A5 has a new front for the new year.
And a few other small changes. But, for once, I think the new face is an improvement. It does look a bit more modern and original.
These pictures are of the 5 door Sportback version of the A5.
A version we don’t get in the US. And I am not sure why. The are selling the larger and more expensive A7. And I have seen quite a few of these around L.A. So it would seem that a cheaper and smaller version would sell even better…
I saw these in europe last year, and thay do look great. Maybe even better than the larger A7.

Let’s hope Audi sees the light and offers this one over here soon.

And of course, the rest of the A5 line up also gets the new front end.
We’ll be seeing this in the US soon.

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  1. When the widemouth bass grille came out in 2006, I hated it. But it grew on me pretty quickly. Since then, its pretty clear that Audi can do no wrong. I mean seriously, there isn't a dud in the entire lineup, and there hasn't been one in the past 15 years sincee they launched the original A4.

  2. That A5 Sportback makes me all weak in the knees. They get it in Mexico, so why not the US and Canada?

  3. For once an improvement on the face? The Audi shield grill was the best decision that company made. I actually seen it coming when in the early 2000's they started using chrome outline on the bottom and top grilles and have to say it's the nicest grill out

  4. I wish they'd sell the A5 Sportback here in the USA. The A7 is too long and it kinda resembles a cockroach in the profile.

  5. I wonder if Audi could sell more A5 Sportbacks than A7 Sportbacks here in the USA? Obviously Audi doesn't think so, but I wonder.

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