2012 BMW 3 series

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This pictures aren’t great. The car might actually look much better in real life.
The interior is quite a leap from the current model. More modern and upscale.

More very soon.

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  1. No surprise… Just looks like a smaller 5-series, which happens to look like little more than smaller 7-series.

    it likely drives well enough, but I'm getting pretty bored with BWM (and most other German) designs at this point.

  2. I understand now what I don't like about it! The front end is nice. The rear end is nice. The greenhouse is always the same. A little to up rite for the rest of the cars low slung look

  3. The side profile looks quite traditional, but the front end and the interior are much more modern than expected.

  4. I just don't understand the rear of the car (or the 5 or 7 series). the rear just doesn't seem to fit the rest of the car…. am i the only one that sees this? For what it's worth,
    I think that the previous 5 series rear end looked much better

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