2012 Chrysler Ypsilon

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This is one of these new “For England only” Chryslers.
Fiat has decided not to sell Lancias over there. Instead. rebadging the Italian models as Chryslers.

A bit weird, but why not.
The smallest model is the new Chrysler Ypsilon, know as the Lancia Ypsilon in the rest of Europe.
It is based on the same platform used for the Fiat 500 and Ford Ka.

It does look kind of cute from some angles. Not sure if a car that small could make it as a Chrysler in the US though….

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  1. Fiat/Chrysler obviously thinks a car that small CAN mke it in the US, otherwise they would not be launching an all new nation-wide franchise around the Fiat 500, which you say here is built on the same platform.

  2. Correct, Maxrbest, but the Fiat 500 is far less extravagant than this one and I guess it appeals to a borader audiance.

  3. @Maxrbest, Vince was saying he couldn't picture it as a Chrysler-BRAND car in the US. I agree, as that division historically never went smaller than the E-segment. Even the PT broke with tradition (I thik the Delta should've replaced it here).

    Both could work in Australia and other RHD markets too maybe

  4. Last month, Chrysler Group came in third among all automakers, nearly 6,000 sales ahead of Toyota and 37,800 ahead of Honda. It also beat the combined totals of Hyundai and Kia. And Consumer Reports rated the latest Chrysler 300 very highly. It appears Chrylser is on a roll from Fiat 500's to Chrysler 300's!!! Way to go Chrysler!

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