2012 Honda CR-V

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More detailed shots of the Japanese version of the all new CR-V.
Will will see the US one in a few weeks, and it should be pretty much the same.

I think it is an improvement over the current model and could be even more popular.
The interior seems to be much better and upscale.

Looks like Honda is not repeating the 2012 Civic mistake with the CR-V.

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  1. It looks boring, so it will likely remain a best seller in the US. The Kia/Hyundai compact CUVs are much more interesting and forward thinking. Even the next Ford Escape will likely be more innovative than this new CRV. Besides the Fit/CRZ compacts, Honda has really lost it's edge.

  2. Dash looks like a Chinese copy of a Chevy. But it's really impossible to come up with anything worse than the current CR-V (CR@P).

  3. From what we can see of the front end, Honda cheapened up the real car from the "concept" car with black plastic surrounding the fog lights (instead of a chrome strip on body-color) and using light instead of black inserts inside the headlight housing which served to better integrate the grill and lights.

    But the interior appears to be a huge upgrade in design. Is that a center console instead of a flip-open console (which allows people to squeeze through to the back seats.) Actually, I hope so.

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