2012 Hyundai Eon

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More pictures of the new super mini car from Hyundai.
It is supposed to come out in India at the end of next week.

I must say it doesn’t look bad for a car that is supposed to cost around $5000. Really…

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  1. just because its cheap doesn't mean it has to be ugly and cheap looking. Some more conservative bends in the sheetmetal (think VW or BMW or Audi) can be had, what we see here is an intentional styling direction and an ugly one at that.

  2. $5000? Sign me up! I'd be able to trade in my car and have money left over! This would put Smart and the iQ out of production so fast it would make the execs heads spin…

  3. It would not cost $5,000 by the time it got here, and people buy Smarts and iQs because they're unique. They might be ugly and unique, but this thing is just ugly.

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